Monday, March 3, 2014

30B430 Updates

2months, 2 weeks, 2 days to go... update time:


  1. Go to my first concert - Sting June 2013
  2. Get my first tattoo - I at least have a plan for the tattoo, still trying to decide on location (on my body)
  3. Have a second baby/or be pregnant for #2 The Kid #2 born Feb 2014
  4. Buy dinner or coffee for a stranger behind me at a drive through (Sort of) I bought a suspended coffee at a coffee shop...
  5. Get another 4.0 semester - Spring 2013 I got a 3.8... all because of one stupid A- instead of A. Boo.
  6. Lose 45 lbs (or more!) -- Ha ha, no... see # 3 
  7. Learn how to use my dSLR camera - correctly! -- Um... I got better at it, still not great
  8. Go see the NY Yankees play in the new Yankees Stadium (we went the last year of the old stadium, it's time to go back!) Also no, see #3
  9. Take The Kid to splash in the ocean Bar Harbor- August 2013
  10. Bring our credit scores up
  11. Buy a newer car Check! 2009 Kia Sedona, 2/21/13
  12. No soda for 1 month (Including Diet) - Coke is my Achilles. 
  13. No coffee for 1 week *Yes I CAN do this!* Done! June 2013
  14. Read the bible cover to cover... I got about 1/3 done, I need to get back into this routine.
  15. No fast food for 1 month.  Working on this right now
  16. No new shoes for me for 6 months. (2/21/13-8/21/13) - Epic Fail, granted I've only bought a couple pairs all year, which is a huge drop for me!
  17. Sew t-shirt quilt - I got back into sewing, but this is a much bigger project than I have time for at the moment (See #3!)
  18. Sew a dress for The Kid - I'm looking for an easy pattern!
  19. Complete half-finished kitchen island sitting in the shed. - I have a plan for this, it involves using it as storage for the shed since our kitchen doesn't have room for it anymore... will update soon. 
  20. See a movie at a drive-in... Wonder when the drive in opens - this may happen after I turn 30 just due to Winter.
  21. Watch 50 of IMDB's top 250 movies, list found here I've seen 25/250... I should step this up!
  22. Try my luck at the slot machines  This hasn't happened yet :( Boo!
  23. Visit my Big Sister "Domi" in Halifax :)  I really wanted to make this happen but finances just were not in my favor. Soon I hope!
  24. Take a day trip to eat at an obscure diner in a small town in Maine that I've never eaten at before. - The Bluebird Ranch - Machias Maine - August 2013
  25. Take The Kid to a children's museum - Planning this for next month!
  26. Go skiing again at least one time. Ha. See #3
  27. Redecorate our bedroom - We put this on the burner in favor of a partial kitchen renovation, photos coming soon. 
  28. Catch up on the Patricia Cornwell books I've fallen behind on (I've received 4, make that 5, for Christmas I haven't read yet) Started this, and put it back down again, Bad Angel!
  29. Get together with friends more often.  Goal: One lunch "date" a month! - Doing better, still not at my goal though.
  30. Keep This blog going! - Hey I'm still here, not as much as I'd like to be, but I haven't fallen off the face of the earth yet so Yay!