Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An upcycled Kitchen

Let's start with a Pinterest inspired project! I had been seeing upcycled kitchens all over the internet, and fell in love with one created with an old entertainment center.  When I got my hands on one, the King decided that it was too big for our little house (he was so right... but Shhh! Don't tell him I said that), and so off I went searching for a smaller option.  Onto FaceBook I went - our county has several "Craigslist" type swap-buy-sell pages, and for $20 I scored this adorable little microwave stand - Perfect height for The Kid!

 I set to work sanding it down, and removing the hardware/doors so I could paint it.  I prepped the holes to be cut for the sink & faucet, and ever-so-politely asked The King to cut them for me. The King was just glad he didn't have to do most of this project I think!  I spray painted it with a sage green (Most everything of The Kid's is green, including her room & "playroom").

The Kid had fun crawling inside it (Good thing she never realized it was supposed to be from Santa!)

... I missed photos of it being painted/put together here... 

The adorable little burners (See more info at end of post)

What it looked like on Christmas Eve


Here's the breakdown of what we used:
Microwave Cart $20
Sink: Stainless Steel bowl - $.59 cents at Catholic Charities store
Faucet: Pump from an old broken spritzer bottle for watering plants - had on hand
Burners: Pieces from Swedish cookie presses, $.50 each at Catholic Charities store

Extra pieces not shown: Knobs for burners - $2-ish at Walmart, and miscellaneous odds and ends to create an oven - future project, we're going to add an inside shelf, and take the right side door, cut it in half to create a microwave on top that opens horizontally, and an oven on bottom that opens vertically, but we ran out of time before Christmas, and The Kid won't mind either way.  

Stay tuned for a later post about the odds and ends we found to make up the rest of the set!  One more photo for the road... here's The Kid on Christmas Morning, wearing her apron from a very special Auntie!