Monday, January 7, 2013

Upcycled Kitchen Part II

The other day I showed you the kitchen, today I'm going to share a few of the thrifting finds / crafty things that went into making it.  In my area there are 3 thrift shops, I try to pop in about once a week and see if there are any good bargains.  I've scored some really cool stuff over the last year or so, some of which I will share here later.

For the kitchen we found this fabulous mini-mini-muffin pan for only 99 cents!

Some fifty cent salt & pepper shakers, I sanded them down to paint.

The tops of the S&P shakers

The painting process, these on the right are the knobs for the burners.
I made sure after each coat of paint to take a toothpick and poke the holes on the top so they wouldn't seal up and dry.  One is missing a plug, but once I find one I plan to fill them with rice and superglue them shut so they make a noise when shaken.  

The adorable little mixer she got from my mom for Christmas!

A wooden tray, cutting board and spoons all thrifted - 50 cents each

Cute little mold, also thrifted, also 50 cents

The cute apron she got from her Auntie