Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sensory Play

I don't believe I have told you yet, but my dream is to someday become an Occupational Therapist.  One of the things I love about OT work is sensory play. I'm huge into working with kids with fine motor skill problems and helping them out.  I have worked with so many clients and students over the years while working as an Ed. Tech and Daily Habilitation Worker with these kinds of issues, as well as observed an amazing OT doing her thing, which has definitely inspired me to want to do more with that dream.  What I haven't done much of yet though is do these sensory activities with The Kid.  We have fingerpainted in the tub, and on paper, which I will blog about soon.  Today I was inspired by Creative with Kids blog and her awesome sensory ideas, and chose to do a pasta and rice sensory bin with some things I had on hand.

Here's what I found in my pantry for leftover rice and pasta:

I had this empty bin on hand waiting for something to be put in it, so I decided to make a sensory bucket.  I added all the rice and pasta, a few cups and odds n ends to dig with, pour with, bury, find, and otherwise play with, and let the kid at it!  Such a great exploration for kiddos at The Kid's age (almost 15 months), and a great way to use up those nearly-empty boxes/bags of pasta and rice that aren't enough to make a meal out of! Win-Win!