Thursday, March 7, 2013

Candy-free Toddler Easter ideas

The Kid will be just over 17 months when Easter gets here, so we didn't want to fill her up with lots of candy so I scoured Pinterest and asked some friends for some Easter-egg-hunt ideas.  Our family always had a jelly-bean hunt, with some plastic eggs with chocolate-y goodness inside, which I plan to do when she's a bit older.  Here's what we've done (and YES all the eggs are filled as is the basket and all ready to go, this is why one should not drink coffee after 9pm on a weeknight).  Anyway here we go:

In the basket:
Crayola Tadoodle Stampers, were supposed to be for egg fillers, but too wide, Bummer!

An Easter Lamb, and a Little People Wheelies car - which was also supposed to be for an egg, but it wouldn't even fit in my Jumbo eggs. Bummer!

A DVD (For long car trips) and Bath Crayons

Easter themed Rubber Ducks

Some Easter themed books (2 of them thrifted for 25 cents a piece!)

Board puzzles and a Curious George coloring book
Sunglasses & a bubble wand

Now for the egg fillers:

Stickers - found in the $1 section of Walmart, just cut into small strips to fold into the eggs

Easter colored socks, rolled up into eggs.
 The Bunny Peeps ones are my favorites - $.79 at Christmas Tree Shops!!
Hair clips - Clearance rack, $.50 for 12!!

Piggy Polish - Mini bottles, 6 for $2!

Bunny Jumpers - 12/$1, dual purpose because these are a GREAT fine motor activity for little fingers!

Mini Easter bubbles - 12 for $2

And for a treat, Annie's organic bunnies (The chocolate ones are delicious- I ate the ones in the picture, they aren't actually inside the eggs yet I think I'll wait to do that until the Easter Bunny comes!)