Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thirty before thirty... an Update

As you can see below, there is exactly one year, and two months until I turn thirty... and so far only one thing checked off my list!.
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Here are a few updates to my progress... 
In June I will check off the concert item, because we bought tickets to go see Sting, and tickets to see Darius Rucker too! I'm super excited!

We hope to go see the Yankees play soon, my brother just earned a sweet promotion and we'll be moving to the NYC/NJ area so we'll go visit him and sneak in a Yankees game :)
(This is K-Fred... my baby brother, who is probably going to kill me for posting this... but that's OK, Hilarious!!!) 

I've made plans to go to Halifax in August or September, where we'll be able to check off several of my list items, including a drive in theater (I think), slot machines, children's museum, and the ocean:)
My "Big Sis" Jen & I Carving Pumpkins - Fall 2005

I've started a "Bible in a Year" plan with the YouVersion app on my phone (www.youversion.com), I've got it set to read about 3 chapters a day, some days it breaks a chapter into two parts, and it skips around so I'm not reading straight from Genesis to Revelation, but so far I've read most of Luke, most of Genesis, and each day ends with a psalm. A few days I've read ahead, then I get busy and forget, but I'm really making an effort!  So far so good!