Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Sunday Drive... King style

Hello everyone!! Happy Sunday!

We woke up this morning, early, because The Kid is teething and mornings are not her strong point when she's teething.  Unfortunately mornings are not my strong point on any Sunday.  Luckily she took an early nap and so we decided to set out on a little jaunt to waste away some of our Sunday. The King just got his passport card in the mail this week, so we decided to put it to use!   What started out as a quick drive down to Woodstock for a bite to eat turned into much much more!

We crossed in Bridgewater, ME over to Centreville,NB...

From there we headed over to Florenceville, and down to Woodstock.  We drove through, and didn't really find anyplace we'd like to eat that was open... so we decided to drive back north.  We then pulled off the TCH in Hartland, and got to drive across the world's largest covered bridge!

Somewhere around Bath we could see the back side of our very own "BigRock Mountain"... not sure how well these came out since we were in a moving car and I was using my cellular device...
 You could see the windmills... but I guess these don't really show that...

We kept going North, and came to Perth-Andover, where we stopped for a snack and to stretch for a few minutes...

After that we hopped back on the TCH and figured we'd come this far, we'd keep going to Edmunston, since neither The King or I (Or obviously The Kid since this was her first trip to Canada) had been there...

We got a little bit lost in Edmunston, ended up stopping for a bite to eat there, but when I ordered our food our US debit card wouldn't work... still don't understand that one... I'm thankful that we needed to pay before we got our food and not the other way around, we would have been washing dishes for sure!! 

We quickly found a border station, and headed back Stateside, we crossed into Madawaska, and from there went to Fort Kent. 

FINALLY we stopped for some food.  Which by the way, crosses one of my 30B430 list items off!  --> 

Somebody was a little grumpy after waking up from her nap and we're STILL not home yet.

She did entertain two whole tables of little old ladies though!!

Finally after eating until we were completely full we headed home.  Over 250 miles today, check out our map:

 What a full day :) Hope your weekend was great!!

A fun day out!

The Kid had a great time checking out some bunnies and chicks around town yesterday:)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thirty before thirty... an Update

As you can see below, there is exactly one year, and two months until I turn thirty... and so far only one thing checked off my list!.
AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

Here are a few updates to my progress... 
In June I will check off the concert item, because we bought tickets to go see Sting, and tickets to see Darius Rucker too! I'm super excited!

We hope to go see the Yankees play soon, my brother just earned a sweet promotion and we'll be moving to the NYC/NJ area so we'll go visit him and sneak in a Yankees game :)
(This is K-Fred... my baby brother, who is probably going to kill me for posting this... but that's OK, Hilarious!!!) 

I've made plans to go to Halifax in August or September, where we'll be able to check off several of my list items, including a drive in theater (I think), slot machines, children's museum, and the ocean:)
My "Big Sis" Jen & I Carving Pumpkins - Fall 2005

I've started a "Bible in a Year" plan with the YouVersion app on my phone (, I've got it set to read about 3 chapters a day, some days it breaks a chapter into two parts, and it skips around so I'm not reading straight from Genesis to Revelation, but so far I've read most of Luke, most of Genesis, and each day ends with a psalm. A few days I've read ahead, then I get busy and forget, but I'm really making an effort!  So far so good! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

A St. Patty's Day Rainbow Cake

Decided we needed something sweet for last night's dessert... so to go with the St. Paddy's theme I made a rainbow cake, with chocolate frosting :) Yum!  I somewhat used the tutorial found here, but I've done this particular kind of cake before, so I just kind of went for it.

(little lopsided... should have doubled the batch. Oh well)

The Kid taste testing the frosting spatula

It passes :)

Mmmm Yummy Momma!

Leave me alone so I can eat this in peace.

Fork? What do I need that for?

High Five Mom! Great cake!

All Done!!! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

{Mostly} Momma Made St. Patty's day outfit

Since The King is part Irish, we decided it was only fitting The Kid had an outfit to help celebrate!

I absolutely cannot wait to try outfit this on The Kid!!!

First, I made "No Sew Babylegs" except, I had to sew them, which I'll get to.  I used this tutorial from Jen at My {not so} Glamorous Life.  Which is super easy, if you buy the right socks.  All she does is cut off the feet of knee-high women's socks and let them roll up.  The ones she posted about she did a cute ruffle on the bottom, but I didn't have the right material at home, so I just left them to roll up on their own.

First of all the socks I had on hand weren't knee high... so I cut off the heel, turned them inside-out and hand sewed the hole up (Hence why my no-sew socks turned into a sewing project)

Then I cut off the toes, and let the bottoms curl up a little bit. 

Now for the Momma Made shirt:  

First, I found some scrap fabric in my fabric stash, and the leftover heatbond that I had.  I drew a shamrock on the fabric and ironed on the heatbond.

Then peel off backing and iron to shirt

Voila!! Shamrock Onesie!

Pair with adorably cute Tutu and headband that Nana Linnie picked out for The Kid

See!? I'm so proud!

And cute St. Patty's Day leggings

The tutu even has shamrocks on it!!

I promise I'll come back and post photos of The Kid wearing it... unfortunately she was asleep before I finished it. :) 

Ta Da! As Promised.... see more Here

Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!!!