Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Sunday Drive... King style

Hello everyone!! Happy Sunday!

We woke up this morning, early, because The Kid is teething and mornings are not her strong point when she's teething.  Unfortunately mornings are not my strong point on any Sunday.  Luckily she took an early nap and so we decided to set out on a little jaunt to waste away some of our Sunday. The King just got his passport card in the mail this week, so we decided to put it to use!   What started out as a quick drive down to Woodstock for a bite to eat turned into much much more!

We crossed in Bridgewater, ME over to Centreville,NB...

From there we headed over to Florenceville, and down to Woodstock.  We drove through, and didn't really find anyplace we'd like to eat that was open... so we decided to drive back north.  We then pulled off the TCH in Hartland, and got to drive across the world's largest covered bridge!

Somewhere around Bath we could see the back side of our very own "BigRock Mountain"... not sure how well these came out since we were in a moving car and I was using my cellular device...
 You could see the windmills... but I guess these don't really show that...

We kept going North, and came to Perth-Andover, where we stopped for a snack and to stretch for a few minutes...

After that we hopped back on the TCH and figured we'd come this far, we'd keep going to Edmunston, since neither The King or I (Or obviously The Kid since this was her first trip to Canada) had been there...

We got a little bit lost in Edmunston, ended up stopping for a bite to eat there, but when I ordered our food our US debit card wouldn't work... still don't understand that one... I'm thankful that we needed to pay before we got our food and not the other way around, we would have been washing dishes for sure!! 

We quickly found a border station, and headed back Stateside, we crossed into Madawaska, and from there went to Fort Kent. 

FINALLY we stopped for some food.  Which by the way, crosses one of my 30B430 list items off!  --> 

Somebody was a little grumpy after waking up from her nap and we're STILL not home yet.

She did entertain two whole tables of little old ladies though!!

Finally after eating until we were completely full we headed home.  Over 250 miles today, check out our map:

 What a full day :) Hope your weekend was great!!