Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from the King family to yours!

He is Risen! What a gorgeous day to celebrate. We're having great weather today, and what better way to celebrate spring and His Resurrection than having some Easter bunny fun!

In the baskets:
Disney character balls, Llama Llama book - The Kid #2 - She sort of got the shaft, but she doesn't really need anything, Plus she doesn't really care!

Raincoat, Umbrella, Frozen busy book, Little People lift-the-flap book, Balloon-on-a-stick, ink pad, M&M egg, a coloring book, and Sunglasses

Lots of eggs Everywhere!

"I Found it!"

In the eggs- 
A few speckled M&M Eggs,  Piggy Paint, Mini Stampers, Melissa & Doug baby animal wooden stamps, Necklaces, bracelets, rings, 2 wooden tops,  and some hair clips.  I went for more candy-free ideas, see last year's fillers Here.

The best take of the girls in their Easter dresses - Not a fun task with a cranky toddler!

Happy Easter from The King family <3

Two and a HALF!

The kid is Two and a Half today!!

Here she is modeling her new umbrella from the Easter bunny
And her Easter Bunny half- "Happy birthday cake" as she says it.  

And after all, why not? I think another 6 months with this little beauty is worth celebrating!  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We watched it for the 257th time today.

I can repeat the entire movie verbatim.

I get the dumbest songs stuck in my head... "but Reindeers smell better than People, Sven don't you think that's right?"

The Kid can act out almost the entire Let It Go sequence, but only sings "let it go" over and over and over... which I'll admit is still kind of cute. Although like the rest of the movie, the cuteness is bound to wear off, but until then, here's a video of her acting it out.   If you're going to be judging my messy living room instead of watching my cute kid act, sing, and dance, then kindly stop reading here... if not, then feel free to watch :D

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Naptime Project

I've had this project earmarked for over two years now, and had the fabric at least as long, but I never got around to doing it.  I had an idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like but couldn't quite grasp how I would get there from the yard of fabric.  Queue Pinterest!   I found this WikiHow Tutorial.  Use the link if you'd like the instructions!

I tweaked the tutorial a bit to fit my needs and because I can't apparently follow directions, but I love it, not perfect but completely functional!  

Ozzy wanted to help :)

My mess of needles before

The finished product!  
I made 2 layers of pockets for long and short needles, double points, and a big pocket to store all my round needles, and scissors.  I also added 6" at the top to make a flap so the needles wouldn't fall out if it flips in my knitting bag.  

All rolled up :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

my pretties

We had a good time today, went and visited some family of The King's, had a mini photo shoot and watched Frozen for the hundred-and-fiftieth time in just a few weeks.  I will forever have these songs in my head, but it's just too hard to resist when The Kid looks at me with big cute eyes and says "Watch Anna-Elsa?!"  She also "sings" and acts out parts of Let it Go - it's super adorable to watch, she's getting braver and braver doing it in front of me now rather than hiding in the kitchen acting it out.  Hopefully soon I can get a video of it to share :)  In the meantime I do have some photos from our mini shoot this morning with the girls in their Minnie Mouse outfits from Nana and Bampy to share. They're so adorable.
I love her little smile!

My beautiful girl!


My favorite <3


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Loving life

Things I love about being home on Maternity leave:

Fun and crafty play dates with best friends:

Playing in the snow, both outside, and inside:

Playing dress up with my two living dolls :)

Watching the bond between sisters begin :) The Kid is such a good big sister!  I love watching her :)

Visiting family <3

New adventures

Soaking in every moment I can with this little one who is growing so fast

Spending time with my favorite man, and watching him interact with his daughters. ::swoon::

Even the dog loves cuddling babies :) hehehe

And all in all just enjoying being a family of four :)