Sunday, April 6, 2014

my pretties

We had a good time today, went and visited some family of The King's, had a mini photo shoot and watched Frozen for the hundred-and-fiftieth time in just a few weeks.  I will forever have these songs in my head, but it's just too hard to resist when The Kid looks at me with big cute eyes and says "Watch Anna-Elsa?!"  She also "sings" and acts out parts of Let it Go - it's super adorable to watch, she's getting braver and braver doing it in front of me now rather than hiding in the kitchen acting it out.  Hopefully soon I can get a video of it to share :)  In the meantime I do have some photos from our mini shoot this morning with the girls in their Minnie Mouse outfits from Nana and Bampy to share. They're so adorable.
I love her little smile!

My beautiful girl!


My favorite <3