Sunday, March 10, 2013


Carriers, We love them! We have a bunch of different kinds, I have my favorites, but different ones work for different circumstances.  I love having the little one close by, she loves being in my arms, and I can't always get things I need to get done while holding her, perfect combination!  

In the ring sling, pouch style "helping" Momma decorate a cake
In the Infantimo (Daddy Style) Using my head as a table for his cereal

In the Infantimo (Like a baby bjorn) at the circus :)

Getting ready to hike the mountain with Daddy - In the Kelty Kids backpack

Quite the view from up here!!

In the Ergo at Auntie Sheesh & Uncle Adam's wedding

Lovin' on Uncle Adam :)

Hip carry in the Ergo while Momma makes more cakes!