Friday, March 15, 2013

{Mostly} Momma Made St. Patty's day outfit

Since The King is part Irish, we decided it was only fitting The Kid had an outfit to help celebrate!

I absolutely cannot wait to try outfit this on The Kid!!!

First, I made "No Sew Babylegs" except, I had to sew them, which I'll get to.  I used this tutorial from Jen at My {not so} Glamorous Life.  Which is super easy, if you buy the right socks.  All she does is cut off the feet of knee-high women's socks and let them roll up.  The ones she posted about she did a cute ruffle on the bottom, but I didn't have the right material at home, so I just left them to roll up on their own.

First of all the socks I had on hand weren't knee high... so I cut off the heel, turned them inside-out and hand sewed the hole up (Hence why my no-sew socks turned into a sewing project)

Then I cut off the toes, and let the bottoms curl up a little bit. 

Now for the Momma Made shirt:  

First, I found some scrap fabric in my fabric stash, and the leftover heatbond that I had.  I drew a shamrock on the fabric and ironed on the heatbond.

Then peel off backing and iron to shirt

Voila!! Shamrock Onesie!

Pair with adorably cute Tutu and headband that Nana Linnie picked out for The Kid

See!? I'm so proud!

And cute St. Patty's Day leggings

The tutu even has shamrocks on it!!

I promise I'll come back and post photos of The Kid wearing it... unfortunately she was asleep before I finished it. :) 

Ta Da! As Promised.... see more Here

Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!!!