Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Pinterest Project

This week has been so busy I don't have anything new to share, so I thought I'd show you another Pinterest project we did.

I found a used Cozy Coupe from a daycare that was closing for only $10 this past summer, so we cruised through Pinterest to find a tutorial on how to refurbish the faded plastic.  We found a TON of ideas, here area  few:

We used this tutorial: 

The King really had a lot to do with this project, he took it apart, spray painted it, and drew out the Union Jack. I pretty much only helped with painting the Union Jack and acquiring all the materials. 

I swear that I had a picture of The Kid in it... but I cannot find it right now.  Sorry for the quality of this one... cell phone pic got quite blurry & washed out. I'll get a better picture when the snow melts!