Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The Kid loves sharing! I'm thrilled with this notion really!  She loves to share her toys and her snacks and my favorite - hugs and kisses!
This is her "Kisses" face - with her Meme on Christmas Day

What I don't love about her love of sharing, is her sharing of sicknesses!  Just a couple weeks ago she developed a gum infection where she had little cold sores on her gums some of which started bleeding - she was miserable, but recovered quickly, but wouldn't you know it - she shared it with both The King and I!  More so myself than The King who got out of it with a few spots on his throat (we both went to the clinic the same day thinking we had strep, but turns out the infection just settled in his throat) I got it both in my throat and on my gums... I know how miserable The Kid must have been!  Finally we all were starting to feel better, then The Kid had her 15 month appointment last week, she had to have 3 vaccinations, and subsequently developed a fever :( poor thing was right back to being miserable!  She was having a runny nose before than but it turned into a full-blown cold she still can't shake, and wouldn't you know it, she's shared that with me now too!  This is miserable!  My immune system must have gone on vacation since working at the school when I was exposed to every germ imaginable!  Oh the joys of being a mom of a busy toddler!!