Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updates from The Kings

I honestly do not know where the time has gone! It's been two weeks or more since I posted last, so much for keeping up with this blog!

Looking back, starting with New Years Resolutions, I've lost about 10 lbs, gained back a couple, and keep fluctuating those 2 or 3 lbs.  I've decreased my goal calories per day in order to try to lose more, which doesn't seem to be that difficult for me, as I felt like at my earlier goal I was still able to eat too much junk and still come in under my calorie count for the day.  I've also made an effort the last few weeks to get in 2 workouts a week, which is twice as many as I ever did before resolving to lose weight.  On Tuesday nights I do Zumba, and on Friday nights I do Yoga.  I love that on Tuesdays The Kid gets to spend the night with a grammy (either My mom or The King's mom, depending on who's available) and I get to work off some stress from work right before my day off on Wednesday, then on Friday I get to take an hour to stretch, bend, work on flexibility and strength, and relaxation. Especially relaxation, on a Friday, right before the weekend, Perfect!  The best part is that Yoga is offered for free through the Rec Department I work(ed) for, so it's not an extra thing to spend money on and worry about.
So far with our finances we've been able to catch up on a few bills, we still haven't had a chance to test out the seven accounts idea I blogged about here.  We are waiting on our income tax refund to pay off a good sized portion of our debt and be able to make some necessary improvements on our home.  

The Kid is doing really well, her vocabulary expands every single day! I am truly amazed by how much she learns so quickly.  She's very blessed to have so many family members so close to help out all the time.  When The King and I work she spends her time between her 2 closest (by location) grandparent's houses.  We're very thankful we don't have daycare costs, and that she's with people who we know love her like we do.  Also, while there, she's learning some very important life skills, picking up after herself, and doing housework.  Currently sweeping, and throwing things in the trash are her two favorite pastimes.  We even made her her very own kid-sized swiffer (by taking out a couple of the 'links') She is infatuated.  (Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality... she moves faster than the camera can focus!) 

I hope the last few weeks have been good to you!  Hopefully I can re-arrange my schedule to be able to post more often!