Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Time ~ Corn Maze!!

Recently The King, The Kid & I, as well as the King's parents all went to the corn maze at Goughan's Berry Farm

The Kid rode on her daddy's back for part of the maze in the carrier

Yep... that about sums it up...

And we're off to get lost!!

Eventually The Kid got tired of riding... so she showed "Bampa" the way out...

 We Did It!!
The Kid & I hung out around the finish line while The King and the parentals went back to look for all the clues we missed, good time for a photo op!

After we all met back up, we went to the dairy barn for Ice Cream, I was to engrossed in mine (Sea Salt Caramel, OMW!) to get any photos.  Goughan's farm has some of the most amazing flavors, another favorite is Pumpkin Snap (Pumpkin w/ Ginger snap bits), last year they even had a Guinness Stout flavor which The King loved!  

Finally, we took The Kid to the carousel, at first it wasn't running and she kept trying to get under the gates to the "moos" yes, she thinks everything are cows.

Love this little face (Please excuse the blurry cell phone pic, trying to use the forward facing camera while moving in circles.... not so easy)  She was completely in awe and loved it, getting her off the ride was not a fun task.