Monday, October 21, 2013

The Kid's birthday party

I love planning parties, most of the time, but after the HUGE Sock Monkey bash we had last year for The Kid's party and the big Ready to POP shower we had for my sister, I just wasn't up for a huge family/friends party this year. That's okay, The Kid was more than happy to have just pizza, cake, and presents with a few family members... so long as ELMO was there :) I did mostly store-bought stuff this year, with the exception of the cake (Momma made), and the Make-Your-Own grilled pizzas, courtesy of Nana Linnie I hope you enjoy the photos!

Blowing bubbles with cousin Michaela :)

I Love MELMO! :)

Mama made Elmo cake :)

Grampy "Bampa" lighting the candles on the cake...
Singing Happy Birthday :)

The aftermath... showing the cool "tie dye" cake center.