Sunday, November 3, 2013

Infinity/Nursing Scarves!

I was looking on etsy for some infinity nursing scarves I'd seen on Pinterest the other day, and when I saw the price I was pretty bummed about the idea of not being able to get one due to the price, so I got back on Pinterest and found this cute and simple tutorial:

It's so easy even an Angel can do it!  All it takes is 1 yard of 60" wide jersey fabric, a few pins and a sewing machine!  You can get the full tutorial at the link above, no point in re-inventing the wheel...

I made 4 scarves in just a couple of hours, maybe even less, and that was taking my time and fixing a few mistakes as I went.  Not bad considering I haven't had my sewing machine going for almost 4 years!

Perfect cover for nursing when unfolded and wrapped around :)

Such a cute scarf too! This one is white with little blue stars :)

This is a thicker jersey which will be nice for the February Kid #2 

This one is so long I could practically wear it as a dress or toga! I love the colors/stripes!

The 4 finished products :)  

I have decided to get a bunch more fabric and make a few to sell, I'll post them here when I finish them! :)