Sunday, November 17, 2013


I finally got a chance to go to the thrift shops alone the other day, What a great day I had!  Here's my haul:

All this for just under $10!

Christmas stocking, $1, matches the set of 6 we already have, but "just in case" I grabbed another, we can use it for the pets, or if we have more family members than that?? Oh my.

And this beautiful hand-knit sweater & hat set for only $4, brand new!!!

2 full gallon size ziplock bags of little people animals (and 2 people) for a buck apiece.  We don't have the sets that go with them (yet) but I've had great luck picking up pieces at yard sales and other thrift shops, I found the barn for 75 cents (empty) once, and she can have all sorts of jungle animals in her barn, she'll love them!

Then there were 2 child size belts, and a pair of green/pink owl socks all 3 were $.50/each.