Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thrifting deal of the day!

Deal of the Day 

A few months ago I bought these 15-20 Little People talking zoo animals at Catholic Charities Thrift Store in a couple grab bags I spent about $2 total (See that post Here) and they're worth at minimum $4 each animal.  They've been a ton of fun for The Kid on their own. She loves to talk about the animals and what they say, and their names.

Then today on the Infant/Children's swap I found the zoo that they go with for $5!!!!! Best price I found on Ebay for the same thing was $25! So for a total of $7 I have a little people set that would have cost me well over $50 that's practically brand new. I didn't even have to put batteries in it, it still works :D  Happy thrifty Momma right here! I cannot wait to see The Kid's face when she gets up tomorrow morning to see this new playset.