Saturday, February 28, 2015


Just a few Kid#1's funnies I want to write down before I forget all about them:

As I'm typing on my computer The Kid comes over "I push O's Momma?"

Heading to bed the kid says "You come lay down with me for a couple whiles Momma?"

To Nana - Where'd Daddy go? "I don't know, where did Daddy go?" -He's outside Peeing! (Hahahaha - too funny!)

Potty training:  She pees in Daddy's recliner - "You peed in Daddy's chair!!" she says "I farted too!"

She's stopped calling her little sister Rudy instead of Ruby, and has almost figured out how to say Layla properly - instead of Yaya. 

You tell her "Layla don't pee in your pants!"  "My not won't" she'll reply

She refuses kisses now - so when you pick her up to steal some she'll say "My not your toy, Daddy!" "Me not your toy, Me a People!"

She knows that Red means Stop and Green means Go! And she tells you at EVERY stop light.

And if you ask which way you're going she'll reply "You need to go LEFT (Yeft), Momma!"

She's learned to sing the alphabet song, It's the most adorable thing in the world when you hear her singing it down the hall to herself.  the "L,M,N,O,P" part gets a bit mixed up but she amazes me every day how much she learns!

She's getting better at 1 to 1 counting, and can successfully count 3 things, she still mixes up some of the higher numbers and says One Two Three Four Five Seven Six Nine Ten. :) 

She got a set of tools for Christmas and her favorite thing to do is fix everything in sight :)  "Hang on Daddy! I'll get my hammer and help you fixit!"