Sunday, May 5, 2013


Skirt, Felt Bugs book, Curious George book and a curious George book as well as these odds and ends shown below for less than $4!

3 Little People figurines and 2 Wooden Blocks, they were in a grab bag marked $1 with a bunch of other stuff I didn't want, I paid the $1, pulled out the 5 things I wanted and re-donated the rest.  Slowly but surely we're building up The Kid's Little People collection... I'll have to photograph it all sometime, my very best friend Amber gave us most of her daughters' collection that they outgrew minus a few pieces that went missing. The Kid's farm (the barn I purchased at a thrift shop for 75 cents now has a cow, goat, horse, farmer, zebra, firehouse dog, giraffe, circus lion and a ringmaster. I mean what kid's farm shouldn't have a zebra!!